Hello! I’m Daniel. Welcome to my life!

This is a journey to discover the world’s cuisine and learn about its cultures.

This is I.

At 14, I left home to the US to start a new life. At 16, I discovered cooking and couldn’t stop loving it. I held dinner parties, potlucks and friendsgivings. I decided this was what I wanted to be in my life. Before I knew it, I was working in restaurants and attending culinary school.

When I was 20, I took a backpacking trip around South East Asia for 6 weeks, that was when the wanderlust disease took hold of me. I was addicted to making new friends, learning new languages and trying new food. I knew that someday it will be my turn to traverse the world like many others have.

Then it hit me, my two alter egos should come together! I could cook anywhere in the world while traveling at the same time. This was perfect, plus I believe that the world is too big and have too many stories for me to focus and concentrate one particular cuisine and culture. So I sold everything I had and left on a life of a cooking digital nomad. Pretty soon the world was my home.

Find out more about me!

On 360nomads, I plan to document all the foods of the cuisine and culture I go to, collecting recipes and stories along the way and sharing them with you. I want to show you that cooking anywhere in the world is simple, easy and completely do-able. Although ingredients might be a problem, everything else is possible, you just need to be adventurous. I will also show you all the hidden and fun free things to do that never knew in countries that I’ve been. This will be done through the magic of socialising and Couchsurfing.

So come with me on this epic adventure of cooking, food tasting, adventure seeking, culture enlightening experience!


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Where have I been?


Countries Been: 27

Days on the Road: 607

Couchsurfed on: 80

No. Of UNESCO: 31