Bavarian Countryside

Racing against time, I was off to my next destination, Ingolstadt, Bavaria. It was a really small town that is known across Germany as the town of Audi and…. nothing much else. It was about 5 hrs away and in Germany that’s about 600km. Known as one of the easiest countries to hitch hike, I wanted to try my hand at it. The first ride took me 5 mins away to a rest stop for big trucks and road trippers. There I had to find a ride either to Frankfurt or Munich. Surprisingly, the first car that stopped was heading towards Munich! Jackpot! He was going to stop me in Ingolstadt, this was my longest hitch hike ever. The interesting part was that he didn’t speak a word of English and me German, needless to say it was a rather quiet ride.


After 4 hours, I was finally in Ingolstadt. My friend, whom I met in Napa Valley, was there to pick me up. Her family greeted me with a delicious dinner of Rinder-rouladen and fantastic conversations. Throughout the next two days, her mom cooked up some of the most delicious Bavarian meals as she wanted me to try some of their favourite German/Bavarian meals. It’s been a while since I’ve been with a family that sat and chat together around the dinner table. Although it was mostly in German (or Bavarian), it was still nostalgic to me as family gatherings similar back home.

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